SYM Fresh food bags (10 bags)



Product description

Say goodbye to the days when it’s only mid-week but you find your veggies going off already. Your fresh vegetables and fruits should end up on your dining table rather than in the bin. Sym Fresh  food bags keep your fresh produce last longer for extra days, saving you money and reducing waste.

SYM Fresh food bags were produced using a British scientifically proven ethylene absorber technology. It works well on a variety of fruit and vegetables including bananas, broccoli, carrots, salad and fresh herbs. SYM Fresh food bags trap the ethylene inside the film, delaying ripening and regulating moisture to slow the drying process and preserve the nutritional qualities, crispness and flavour of the produce.

✔ Freezer safe
✔ Reusable
✔ Resealable
✔ Recyclable
✔ Extend vegetables and fruits’ shelf life by up to 40%
✔ Scientifically proven food storage solutions

1 box – 10 bags per box 27cm x 31 cm (11” x 12”)

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Delivery Information

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