We’re Plastismart. Based in London, as a family business we are at the forefront of smart plastics, founded on decades of knowledge, trust and reliability.

We’re passionate about introducing smart plastics to the UK market, and focus on clever products that are tough on a wide range of bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae, to help keep our customers and their families healthy.

Independent test reports prove our smart plastic technology kills Coronavirus at 99.9% in 1 hour, in conjunction with similar kill performances against a wide range of bacteria that are commonly found in plastics and rubber.

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Our Products

We’re developing an exciting range of products, and are proud to have access to a supply network spanning nearly 100 countries. We can supply a vast range of antimicrobial products which includes toothbrushes, clingfilm, bags 4 life, food storage containers, household and medical gloves, drinking bottles and face masks, alongside a large portfolio of other medical and surgical PPE.

All our antimicrobial products kill viruses, bacteria, algae and fungi for the entirety of their useful life as the clever antimicrobial ingredient is part of the product itself.

All products hold certifications relevant to their use and are available on request.

Our Technology

If you’re already manufacturing products and are interested in making them “smart”, Plastismart can help. There’s no need to disrupt your existing supply chain – we’ll simply provide the smart masterbatch which is added at the beginning of your manufacturing process in small quantities. The masterbatch can work with plastic, latex, nitrile, rubber, silicone, paint and more, and won’t alter the look or function of your products.

Keep Fruit & Vegetables Fresher for Longer with our SYM Fresh Bags

SYM Fresh bags are made with our d2p ethylene adsorber technology, developed to reduce spoilage of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Sym Fresh bags have a microporous structure which will adsorb and trap ethylene inside the film: effectively delaying ripening and regulating moisture, to slow down the drying out process.

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